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Version 0.2.1



OPTC Calendar 0.2.1

-Visual bug fix -DataBase:
-Search Function
-Listing bug fix

OPTC Calendar 0.2.0

-Calendar Views:
-JPN Daily Events
-JPN Weekly Events
-JPN Month Calendar

OPTC Calendar 0.1.0

-Calendar Views:
-Daily Events
-Weekly Events
-Month Calendar
-Skillbook list
-Fortnight list
-Raid list
-Colosseum list
-Invasion list
-Treasure Map List
-Last Update news
-Next Update (WIP)
-Future Updates
-DateTime Format
-TimeZone (GMT/CST)
-Contact links
-Donation link
-Rare Recruit CheckList
-Added Settings (Website for update)
-New Update Notification
-Open Offline

In progress

-Search Function in most Screens
-Show Raid/colo + Invasion in Daily/Weekly Events

Future updates

-Manage your own calendar
-Allow users to rate a FN/Raid/...

OPTC Calendar aplication in development



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